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About Us

Our Mission to Connect Loved Ones

Our team first came together as students at Harvard Business School, where we realized we had the same problem: we were all living far away from our families. We were eager to find a device that made it easy to share photos with our loved ones across the world… and not just to their phones, but into a beautiful physical display that would live in their home. We were surprised to find that the product we wanted didn’t exist, so we decided to create it.

And thus Bihiwoia was born, designed from the start to connect the digital and non-digital worlds, and to bring together families that might be many miles apart.

Simplifying Family Life

As we spoke with our customers about their family’s needs, we realized we could give them more - the ability to simplify their lives so they can spend more time with their loved ones. That’s when we created Bihiwoia Calendar, a simple solution to manage their family’s lives and schedules. Thousands of families now use this solution to communicate their events with each other, stay on track with chores, and keep their family running like a tight ship.

We continue to build new solutions for families and are excited to have you on this journey with us.